Petro-Canada Gas Gift Card

Pricing and Denominations
$25.00  |   $25 Denomination
$50.00  |   $50 Denomination
$100.00  |   $100 Denomination


Petro-Canada Gas Gift Card

The Perfect Gift Card for Your Canadian Customers!

If it’s sold at Petro-Canada, you can buy it with the Petro-Canada Gift Card. Purchase gas, snacks, car washes, vehicle maintenance and so much more at over 1,400 participating Petro-Canada retail locations across Canada!

The Petro-Canada Gift Card can be used in virtually any promotion, reward, or loyalty program. Powerful, versatile and convenient, the Gift Card makes it easier than ever to develop an incentive program that will achieve great business results.

The Gift Card is accepted at the pump or with the attendant - and at Certigard Car Repair Centres across Canada. Choose how you want to pay - part with the Gift Card, part with another form of payment - to use up the total value of the card.

Earn PETRO-POINTSTM with every purchase.

ORDER ONLINE OR CALL 1-800-972-7481

This unique product is designed for U.S. companies that wish to reward clients and employees in Canada. Therefore, Petro-Canada Gift Cards purchased through SVM must be Billed and Shipped to a U.S. Address. Petro-Canada Gift Cards can only be redeemed in Canada.

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